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Reg. #BPG1287385
Born: Feb. 5, 2019
Birth Wt: 88 lbs.

photo of WLB Blaze On 353G

(Photo of 353G)

spacer image WLB Bounty Hunter 365C
WLB Blaze On 365C 361E
spacer image JFRS MS 43Y

spacer image WLB Stockman 420B
spacer image WLB 381T Beth 385Y
Footnotes: Our newest herd bull was our pick of the black bulls in the 2020 WLB Livestock Bull Sale. We liked his square build with a big rib, eye catching style, and balanced EPDs. He is backed by leading WLB cow families. His two-year-old mother did a great job producing a son with an 88 lb. birthweight, adj. weaning weight of 873 lbs., and sale weight of 1,550 lbs. We feel he has the potential to make an impression on our program.
Owned by: Schweitzer Simmentals & McColl Simmentals


Reg. #PG1217217
Born: January 20, 2018
Birth Wt: 96 lbs.
photo of NAC 83F

(Photo of 83F)
spacer image TNT 90 Proof Z401
WFL Westcott 24C
spacer image WFL Sweet Licious 1044X

spacer image 3D Trustin 47T
spacer image NAC Mabel 41R
Footnotes: In need of a herd bull for our growing herd, we were fortunate to be able to purchase NAC Westcott 83F from our friends at Northern Light Simmentals at the 2019 Premium Beef sale. 83F is a homo-polled, powerful Westcott son whose picture accurately shows his length, depth and great quarter. His weaning and yearling weight EPDs each rank in the top 1%. His first calf crop is represented in our 2021 sale offering..
Owned by: Brodie & Stacey McColl.


Reg. #PG1217217
Born: January 29, 2017
Birth Wt: 95 lbs.
photo of SBSF Rancher 46E

(Photo of 46E)
spacer image IPU Red Zone 16A
IPU Red Zone 37C
spacer image IPU Ms Red Liner 56U 124Y

spacer image Skors Enticer 91Y
SBSF Ms Entica 23B
spacer image BDS Miss Blk Label 31U
Footnotes: This correct son of IPU Red Zone 3C (see above) was retained to replace his sire, who we lost much too soon. Rancher has an appealing profile and is deep and thick-butted. His pedigree is full of well-proven bulls and females that have contributed to the breed. His 95 lb. birthweight, adjusted weaning-weight of 907 lbs., plus his weaning and yearling weight EPDs in the top 20% indicate he should be a bull that will add pounds to his calves.

Reg. #T1193694
Born: December 7, 2015
Birth Wt: 92 lbs.
photo of Sunville Copper

(Photo of SVS 53C)
spacer image Kykso Hadau
BHR Baron SA 2842P
spacer image Trans-Magalies Mabie

spacer image Anchor "T" Metro 4E
MFI Helga 3111
spacer image Anchor "T" Reni 9L
Footnotes: Our search for a Fullblood bull to introduce new blood lines into our program led us to the 2017 Sunville Simmental Sale. Copper was our pick of the bulls. We really liked the amount of pigment he has, plus the combination of the Anchor "T" bloodlines and the South African pedigrees. His first calves came unassisted and were vigourous at birth. They are developing nicely and we think they will be attractive and valuable to our customers. We are continuing to use him in our program.

Reg. #BPG793067
Born: Jan. 3, 2013
Birth Wt: 90 lbs.
Homo Polled
Sale Wt: 1500 lbs.

photo of herdbull CMS Sochi 307A

(2015 Photo of 307A)
spacer image JS Sure Bet 4T
Drake Poker Face 2X
spacer image Drake Tula 1R

spacer image IPU Black Heavyweight 64S
YR BLK Prima Donna 930W
spacer image YR BLK Prima Donna 11L

photo of CMS Sochi 307A's dam
(Dam of CMS Sochi 307A)

Footnotes: Sochi was purchased for $10,250 from Czech-Mate Livestock at the 2014 Bull Spectrum Sale.
We saw Sochi and his mother in the pasture and were very impressed. We can best describe him from the following quote from the sale catalogue, "This is a bull we really like - extremely long bodied, huge rib shape, and great muscle expression, along with large testicles. Sochi has an awesome smooth front end and great neck extension. His dam is a great young Heavyweight daughter who is a real beauty with superior udder attachment. 307A is, without a doubt, one of the best black bulls we have produced." Sochi is a full brother to Czech-Mate's high selling bull at Bull Spectrum in 2013, that sold to the Huxley Colony for $7,500. We look forward to offering his progeny to the industry. Sochi's first calf crop exceed our expectations. They came easy, grew quickly, and were sought after by our customers. Two Sochi sons sold for $9,000 each, in our 2016 bull sale, where all his sons sold averaged $6,725. Sochi progeny continue to be popular. At the 2018 Premium Beef Bull Sale, a red Sochi son was the high selling bull, selling for $21,000 to Mitchell Cattle Co., BC.

Reg. #T557927
Born: January 7, 2001
Birth Wt: 105 lbs.

photo of herdbull SBSF Vegas 1L

(Photo of Vegas at 10 years of age)
spacer image Rogant
PRL Houston 005H
spacer image MS PRL Nite-Anchor 109B

spacer image 809 4X4
Bar None Bonnie
spacer image Bar None Bernadette
Footnotes: Vegas may be one of the best FullFleck, fullblood bulls to come along in years. His pedigree combines performance and powerful horned genetics with the likes of Houston and the famed Bar None Bonnie cow. He was an embryo that we purchased from LaBatte Simmentals and implanted into one of our good milking receipient cows. His sound structure has added length, depth of rib and volume. At 12 years old, Vegas had never had his hooves touched. Vegas is known for his great disposition, calving ease, weaning and yearling weights and milk EPD's. He is a flush brother to the Lieutenant bull that we sold for $16,500.00 to Kelly Hansen, and to Corporal that we sold for $7,400.00 to Randy Aumack and Larry Neurator, both in the Premium Beef Bull Sale. Vegas has the ability to produce sale-topping animals and to sire animals that have allowed both purebred and commercial producers to advance their programs.

Reg. #735012
Born: January 23, 2010
Birth Wt: 96 lbs.
photo of herdsire IPU Romano 90X

(2016 Photo of 90X)
spacer image Smithbilt Molson 21M
Champs Romano
spacer image Champs Pricilla

Anchor "T" Legend 7H
IPU MS Legend 42P
spacer image IPU 23A Bonnie 53M
spacer image
Footnotes: A horned, FullFleck fullblood, cherry red, double-goggled, Champs Romano son. Romano was purchased from LaBatte Simmentals to add pigmentation, muscle shape and rib capacity. He has already proven to be a calving-ease sire and his offspring are all very consistent with their colour pattern: goggle-eyed and solid colour red. Romano's pedigree combines some of the breed's most notable genetics, with Gidsco Appollo, Jahari, Anchor T Metro, Anchor T Legend, Bar None Bonnie and Houston, providing a pedigree that breeders can rely on for consistency. His progeny are available privately and in our consignment sales. Romano progeny have made a reputation for themselves with his sons and daughters among the high selling animals in our bull and female sales. Romano is now owned by Grinalta Farms.

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