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Reg. #PG1216057
Homo Polled
Born: Feb. 18, 2017
Birth Wt: 104 lbs.

photo of SCCC 76E

(Photo of Scissors Emblem 76E)

Spring, 2018 Can. Simmental Assoc. EPD's
CE: 5.1 BWT: 5.3 WWT: 74.3 YWT: 107.3 MCE: 1.1 MWWT: 59.6 MK: 22.4
spacer imageKuntz Super Duty 4Y
SVS Platinum 419B
spacer imageRemington Ms Red Essence

spacer imageMuirhead's Kosmo 21N Scissors Kerri 21U
spacer imageScissors Shana 22S
Footnotes: We looked at a lot of red bulls as we searched for a new herd bull. When we found Emblem in the Scissors Creek consignment to the 2018 Proudly Western Bull Sale we decided he was the one and invested $9,750 to own him. He is a homo polled, dark red, Super Duty grandson that is square and correct with thickness over the top and down through his quarter. His dam, a daughter of Muirhead's Kosmo, is a proven producer with three very good daughters in the Scissors Creek herd. His 1,500 lb. sale weight with a February 18th birthdate, 43 cm testicles, and EPDs that show growth and performance were all traits we were looking for. We think he combines pedigree, conformation and performance into a package that will produce the kind of progeny we like to offer our customers.

Reg. #BPG1165907
Homo Polled
Born: Feb. 15, 2016
Birth Wt: 87 lbs.

photo of PWK Denray 61A 60D

(Photo of PWK Denray 61A 60D)

Spring, 2018 Can. Simmental Assoc. EPD's
CE: 14.2 BWT: -0.9 WWT: 69.3 YWT: 107.1 MCE: 9.9 MWWT: 66.6 MK: 32.0
spacer imageOLF Odin U5
Boundary Odin 103Z
spacer imageBoundary Storm 70X

spacer imageMore's Tank 108Y
PWK Ms Velvet 16X 61A
spacer imageDownhill Ms Velvet 16X
Footnotes: PWK Denray 60D was purchased for $12,500 from the Workman Bros., consignments to the 2017 Premium Beef Bull Sale. This Homo Polled herdsire prospect has the thickness, depth and frame size we were looking for. We liked his 278 day gestation, 87 lb. birthweight, 918 lb. 205 day weaning weight and well above average EPD's. We think 60D will be a valuable addition to our program bringing new genetics and the kind of numbers our customers are looking for.

Reg. #BPG1136248
Homo Polled & Black
Born: Jan. 28, 2015
Birth Wt: 94 lbs.

photo of MBJ 97C

(Photo of Springcreek Irish 97C)

Spring, 2018 Can. Simmental Assoc. EPD's
CE: 7.0 BWT: 3.2 WWT: 78.5 YWT: 123.2 MCE: 9.2 MWWT: 61.6 MK: 22.3s
spacer imageSpringcreek BLK Tank 99T
Springcreek Heritage 51X
spacer imageSpringcreek Linne 49R

spacer imageRC Club King 040R
Springcreek Lena 18Z
spacer imageSpringcreek Lena 138W
Footnotes: Springcreek Irish 97C is the new addition to our herdsire lineup purchased for $15,000 at the 2016 Springcreek Bull Sale. We did a lot of looking to find a homo polled, homo black bull with the EPD's and conformation to fit our program. We felt this son of Heritage 51X met the criteria we wanted, and he continues to work in our herd.

Reg. #BPG795936
Homo Polled
Born: February 2, 2014
Birth Wt: 100 lbs.

photo of MBJ Springcreek Shooter 112B

(Photo of Springcreek Shooter 112B)
Spring, 2018 Can. Simmental Assoc. EPD's
CE: 6.0 BWT: 3.0 WWT: 62.7 YWT: 11202 MCE: 4.8 MWWT: 57.8 MK:
spacer imageHarvie DJF Wallbanger 111X
Springcreekwallbanger 11Z
spacer imageSpringcreek Linne 72S

spacer imageACS Black Jack 758T
Springcreek Mistress 99X
spacer imageSpringcreek Blk Tess 25T
Footnotes: Our search for a new black herd bull led us to Springcreek Shooter 112B at the 2015 Spring Creek Bull Sale. We were looking for a bull to add depth and thickness to our program. We think Shooter has the super body mass on a moderate frame to fill that role. Co-owned with Westwood Land & Livestock Ltd. His calves have met our expectations and have been popular with our customers. A Shooter son topped our 2018 Bull Sale selling for $12,000.

Reg. #PG752831
Homo Polled
Born: January 2, 2011
Birth Wt: 96 lbs.

photo of herdbul

(Photo of First Choice 6Y)
Spring, 2018 Can. Simmental Assoc. EPD's
CE: 10.1 BWT: 4.4 WWT: 54.4 YWT: 74.8 MCE: 12.8 MWWT: 44.9 MK: 17.7
spacer imageTNT Dynamite Black L137
TH Black Edition 8R
spacer imageBBN Ms Black Lady 28H

spacer imageBBS Redeye S70
MRL Miss 659U
spacer imageMRL Miss 700R
Footnotes: Homozygous polled, solid red, moderate framed, super thick deep quarter, tremendous depth of rib, great hair coat, free moving and super disposition. His first sons were popular in the 2014 Prairie Partners bull sale. First Choice puts tremendous muscle, rib, quarter, hair, and calving-ease into his calves. 6Y is a bull that has changed our red progam. We offered seven red sons in our 2015 bull sale and had five more of the 6Y kind that were well liked on March 15, 2016. First Choice 6Y progeny continue to be an important part of our sales with six sons selling in our 2018 sale and a 6Y daughter being our top selling heifer.

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