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Welcome to Gordon Jones Simmentals...

About us:

My wife Lauren and I started this adventure back in 1978 when we purchased our farm in the rolling hills six miles east of Baldur, Manitoba. We have a mixed grain and livestock farm, 750 acres is in grain and the other 750 in hay forage and pasture for our cows. We started out with a few commercial cows. In 1982, we decided to get into the purebred business purchasing our first purebred females. Our herd has been built with genetics from breeders from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Lauren and I have two children, Darrick and Donalee. Darrick and his wife Deb have two boys, Lachlan and Spencer. Darrick works as a regional sales manager for Pratts Wholesale and Deb works in town at the local Pembina Co-op Ag Site. They both take an active part in community sports and events and we're very happy to have their help on the farm in harvest, or when needed.

Donalee and Scott have three children, Abby, Norah and Samuel. They farm at Cartwright, Manitoba, in partnership with Scott's parents in Mowbray Farms. Donalee is also a freelance media producer, currently working on the television series Great Tastes of Manitoba. Donalee is our advertising and marketing guru, keeping us up to date on ad deadlines, and putting our sale catalogue together. 

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Our Breeding Goals:

We have focused on building our herd using black and red genetics. We strive to raise quality cattle that will work well under our management practices as well as for commercial and purebred producers. Our goal is to produce cattle with strong maternal traits that have milk, fertility, muscling, good feet, udders and quiet dispositions. Bulls are selected for calving-ease, performance and conformation.

Our first homozygous polled, homozygous black bull was purchased in 1999, an ET calf from Bouchard Livestock International. The majority of our black cows have been raised using herdsires that were embryo transplants and were homo polled and homo black. We have used AI sires such as 600U, Full Figures, Power Drive, Powerline, Mr. Beef, Dynamite Black, Black Zinger, and 680S, as well as foundation donor cows Charlie's Angel, 505H, Dakota 32J, and Maders Black Gold 110S. We also have a red program, some of which go back to our first foundation females. They have evolved using polled red AI genetics and polled herd sires.

Our herd grew to 150 cows at one point, but over the two years we've downsized considerably. This allows us to spend more time with our kids and grandkids, and we are both very much enjoying the reduced workload.

Our Sale History:

We have been members of the Pembina Triangle Association since 1984 and have consigned in every sale since 1985. We have also consigned females to Shades of the Prairies Sales since it started in 2004. When available, we offer private treaty sales of bred heifers in the fall.

Our bulls were marketed at the Douglas Test Station in the early years as well as private treaty sales. In 1994, we received the award for the high-gaining Simmental bull out of a group of 120 bulls on test. We consigned bulls to the first Premium Beef Sales at Neepawa, Manitoba, and were guest consignors at the Cattlemen's Classic at Killarney, Manitoba. In 2003, we started the Prairie Partners Meat and Muscle Bull Sale with Redpath Simmentals and Guilford Hereford Ranch, a multi-breed event. Three years later we moved our sale to its current location, the Killarney Auction Mart. With the change in location, we also went to a "Simmental only" sale with the Redpaths. Together we held nine very successful sales at the Killarney Auction Mart.

In 2014, the Redpaths sold their entire Simmental herd to Clint Marchant of Silver Lake Farms at Cartwright, MB. Silver Lake Farms has been our new sale partner since the 2015 Prairie Partners Meat and Muscle Bull Sale.

Thanks for visiting our website. A visit to our farm is welcome too. In true Icelandic fashion, coffee is always on. We're glad to make time for new and old friends.

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Lauren and Gordon

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