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We breed quality red, black and fullblood Simmentals that work in our commercial herd and will work in yours.
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Reg. #BPTG1210641
Born: Jan. 25, 2017
Birth Wt: 86 lbs.
Homo Polled
Hetero Black

photo of MRL 98E

spacer imageTNT Dynamite Black L137
TH Black Edition 8R

spacer imageBBN Ms Black Lady 28H

spacer imageMRL El Tigre 52Z
MRL Miss 4368B
spacer imageMRL Miss 799W

Footnotes: We added this homo polled, black bull from McMillen Ranching to add some calving ease numbers. Sired by Black Edition and with a birthweight of 86 lbs., calving ease EPD of 10.7, birthweight EPD of 2.1, and 43 cm testicles, he has the potential to do the job. Black Edition has been a big influence in the MRL herd. 98E's dam and granddam are among the favourite cows in the MRL cow herd. We are happy to bring this young bull into our program as we think he has a lot to offer. Three of his sons sell in the 2021 Rebels sale.

Reg. #754370
Born: July 25, 2010
Fullblood Bull

photo of herdbull

spacer imagePRL Houston 005H
IPU Bronson 19K

spacer imageDora Lee Franshesca

spacer imageAnchor "T" Supreme 39H
MFI Miss Robin GER 5051
spacer imageMFI Miss Robin GER 103N

Footnotes: We added this fulllood bull to our herd bull battery at the 2012 Double Bar D sale. Bred in the well known Murray Farms program he has a pedigree full of proven Simmentals with Fleckvieh genetics. There are not many opportunities to buy a herdbull with this many important names in his pedigree. We wanted his bloodlines, his red colour pattern and and big eye pigment. We are happy with the development of his calves.

Reg. #BPG1148015
Homo Polled &
Homo Black
Born: Jan. 19, 2015
Birth Wt: 90 lbs.

photo of LFE BS Lewis 406C

spacer imageLFE The Dark Knight 350U
LFE Gotham 819Y
spacer imageLFE Best Lady 47W

spacer imageLFE Punk 407U
LFE BS Ultra Gal
spacer imageLFE BS Ultra Gal 230U

Footnotes: We purchased this new herd sire prospect for $26,500 at the 2016 Lewis Farms Bull Sale. Quote from the sale catalogue: "A bull calf that displays mass and muscle in a round pattern. He's super thick made and proud fronted with ample amount of hair and bone." His blood lines are a complete outcross to our program and will make it possible for us to offer these new genetics to our customers.

DYAL Waldo II 728E
Reg. #BPG1237707
Born: Jan. 8, 2017 Birth Wt: 90 lbs.
photo of DYAL 728E

spacer imageDowney 103Y
Downey MR Waldo 007A
spacer imageRKTS Dana 21S

spacer imageDowney 505W
Downey Miss Murray 201
spacer imageMRL Miss 654U

Footnotes: DYAL Waldo II 278E is a bull we are very proud to have bred and raised. There are numerous reasons for why we have retained him for our own use; his tremendous hip, length, athleticism, and eye appeal. Not to mention his natural muscling and herd bull presence. His young mother has raised our top bulls to date, and they have always been the heaviest at weaning and at a year of age. He, himself weaned off at 1,070 lbs. actual, and actual yearling weight was 1,650 lbs. Waldo II offers new, outcross genetics, and stems from our proven cow families, top and bottom, in his pedigree. Look to him to sire performance-packed progeny with the thickness and style to bring a premium for your calves.

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