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Reg. 1245355
Jan. 11, 2018
Birth WT: 106 lbs.
photo of Skywest Fugitive

spacer imageSouthseven Mr Adonis 96Z
Kuntz Duramax 12B
spacer imageKuntz Miss Moses 03X

spacer imageRafter 4T Ranger 6Z
Skywest Betty
spacer imageBrock XPOTENTIAL

Footnotes: Fugitive from Skywest Simmentals was the second high-selling bull in the 2019 Transon Red Deer Bull Sale at $18,000, outsold only by his half-brother. The Duramax sons were an impressive group and were well accepted at the sale. We selected Fugitive because of his colour pattern, deep-body, wide topline and big strong rear quarters. He weaned off his second-calver mother at 900 lbs., and continues to develop into an impressive young bull that we think will advance our Fullblood program.

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Reg. PG1193372
Polled Purebred
Jan. 20, 2017
Birth WT: 106 lbs.
photo of MBJ 90E

spacer imageRCC/TCF Line Drive M181
Springcreek Liner 56U
spacer imageNevas L93

spacer imageKOP Crosby 137W
Springcreek Brook 68Z
spacer imageSpringcreek Brook 111W

Footnotes: We are excited to introduce Ladies Man 90E as our new $20,000 Homo Polled, red herdsire, by Liner 56U whose daughters have produced many high-selling bulls and females; and he's out of Springcreek Spark Plug's dam (below).

Springcreek Brook 68Z Springcreek Brook 68Z

We feel 90E has the genetics to have a real impact on our program and our customers' herds. We like his moderate frame and very attractive muscle pattern combined with a 114.8 lb. yearling weight EPD, actual sale weight of 1615 lbs., and 46 cm testicles.

Half-interest and half-possession of Ladies Man 90E are now owned by Sun Rise Simmentals. We are pleased to share the influence of Liner with the Sun Rise program.

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Reg. BPG1174777
Polled Purebred
Jan. 19, 2016
Birth WT: 91 lbs.
photo of Boundary Cobra 89D

spacer imageLFE Viper 455U
NCB Cobra 47Y
spacer imageNCB Miss Dream 22T

spacer imageLFE BS Lewis 322U
Boundary Abricot 5B
spacer image Kimlake Abricot 511R

Footnotes: We are excited to add this Homo Polled, Homo Black performance bull with lots of bone, depth of body, and loads of hair to our program. Purchased from Boundary Ranch for $19,000 at the 2017 Southwest Showcase Sale, we expect this Cobra son to make a significant contribution. His dam has proven herself by producing herd bulls and replacement females who are working in the Boundary herd. 89D had the hightest AWW, AYW, ADG, and WPD of the Boundary black sale bulls. We like his 91 lb. birthweight, 1443 lb. AYW and an excellent set of EPDs. Look for his sons at our future bull sales.

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Reg. BPRS1194487
Polled Purebred
Apr. 3, 2016
Birth WT: 84 lbs.
photo of X-T Doc Holiday 16D 79C

spacer imageFBFI Combustible
FBFI/SF Ignition
spacer imageFBFI Gorgeous Lady

spacer imageMr NLC Superior S6018
NUG Tamara 32Z
spacer imageNUG Barbie 941W

Footnotes: This April calf caught our attention among the X-T sale bulls at the 2017 Southwest Showcase Sale. His pedigree is new to our program and we are familiar with his productive dam having purchased her bred heifer at Simmsational, 2016. His 84 lb. birthweight and very usable calving-ease EPD's made him a good candidate to add to our herd bull battery for use in our heifer pen. His blaze face, attractive conformation and the fact he is Homo Polled and Homo Black all helped to make it an easy decision to buy him. We are really pleased with his first calves, two of which are important pieces of our current show string.

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Reg. PG1152298
Polled Purebred
Jan. 16, 2015
Birth WT: 99 lbs.
photo of MAF MR 79C

spacer imageLFE BS Lewis 322U
MAF R Horizon 7Y
spacer imageLFE KJLI Dreamlady 79W

spacer imageWheatland Red Teddy 457P
IPU 105L Pocahontas 263Y
spacer image IPU Red Pocahontas 105L

Footnotes: In our search for a new red herd sire, we found Northern Red in the Meadow Acres section of the 2016 LaBatte Simmentals & Meadow Acres Bull & Female Sale. We were very pleased to have the opportunity to purchase this homo polled herd bull for $14,000. His frame size, muscle pattern, dark red colour and eye appeal caught our attention. He combines the thickness, muscle and fleshing ability of the Horizon cattle with the influence of the Red Teddy and Pocahontas 105L bloodlines. We were pleased to introduce his sons to the industry at the 2018 Premium Beef Bull Sale. His calves are a very impressive sire group that are readily accepted by our customers. Three daughters of Northern Red will sell at the 2019 Harvest Hoedown Sale.

Reg. #BPTG840122
Polled Purebred
Born: Feb. 28, 2013
Birth Wt: 95 lbs.

photo of ACS Advantage 347A

    Remington On Target 2S
LFEBISS Blackadvance 426U
    LFE Billy 80M

     HTP SVF In Dew Time
CCR MS Dew Time 8001U
     CCR Ms Joker 302N

Footnotes: We purchased this herd sire prospect from our neighbours, the Kaskiw's of Arrow Creek Simmentals. We liked his pedigree, conformation, and 1525 lb. sale weight. The catalogue footnotes describes this young bull very accurately. "Here is a Blackadvance son that puts everything together in a pretty neat package. You have the performance from Blackadvance that ranks near the top of the breed for WW and YW. Advance is also known for producing attractive wedge-shaped females with great udders. Add in the dam's side with Black Joker, Franchise, and Dream On whether you get bulls or heifers the outcome will be good. When you move this guy around you will see how easily he steps out and you will notice the depth of body and the thickness over the top and huge quarter." We offered Advantage's first sons at the 2016 Premium Beef Sale and they were very well accepted by our customers. He has earned a senior position in our herd sire lineup and more of his progeny will be available in coming years. His sons in the 2018 bull sale were his biggest and best sire group to date, with sons selling up to $11,000 and $12,000.

EGC Moneystripe 82A
Reg. #BPG785517 Polled Purebred
Born: Feb. 10, 2013
Birth Wt: 100 lbs.

photo of EGC Money Stripe 82A

    SHS Enticer P1B
Harvie JDF Wallbanger 111X
    JDF Pespi 61U

    EGC Bold Cat 49M
    EGC Miss 600U 34J

Footnotes: We purchased Moneystripe for $10,500 at the 2014 Family Tradition Bull Sale. We think the footnote from the catalogue tells his story well. "He has that look that cattlemen are looking for - blaze-face, big top, thickness and depth of quarter. His disposition is second to none and he has a great hair coat, never mind his huge capacity and then stands on a perfect set of feet. We showed him in Brandon, where he won his class and was part of our Champion Breeders herd. This herdsire prospect is in the top 2% of the breed for weaning weight, yearling weight, and carcass weight." We like Money Stripe's calves and our customers do too. At our 2018 bull sale, he sired our $20,000 lead-off bull, purchased by Triple R Simmentals of Manitoba.

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